​Special lecture & talk session by entertainment industry guests active on the front line

9.12 [SAT] / DAY.1

Korea's "Zandari Festa" considers the development of a new era music market

Speaker:Cecilia Soojeong Yi(Zandari Festa Executive manager)

The executive manager of Zandari Festa, Korea's leading independent and international showcase festival, known as the Korean version of SXSW, considers the styles of activities that musicians should aim for at with and after Corona, as well as their plans for opening up the global music market in the new online era.

How to play live in Taiwan

Speakers:TERAO BUTTA & SPIKEY (Tsukimiru Kimioomou / BIG ROMANTIC RECORDS)

Mr. Butta Terao, the key person who connects Japan and Taiwan, and Mr. Spikey, the manager of THE WALL, who is well versed in Taiwanese music culture, will give a how-to talk on how to make music in Taiwan.

An introduction to pop culture by a Taiwanese musician and illustrator

Speakers:Ami Tseng(DSPS)× Gao Yan

Amy, the vocalist of the guitar-pop band DSPS, which is widely supported not only by Taiwanese but also by foreign listeners, and Taiwanese illustrator Gao Yen, who illustrated the cover and illustrations for Haruki Murakami's essay "Abandoning the Cat: When I Talk About My Father" (Bungei Shunju) and is currently garnering a lot of attention, will participate in this talk session to introduce Taiwanese pop culture.

9.13 [SUN] / DAY.2

Bangkok Music City's idea of co-creation with foreign countries

Speaker:Piyapong Muenprasertdee(Fungjai Co, Ltd / Co-founder & Director)

As the director of Bangkok music production company Fungjai and co-founder of Bangkok Music City, Thailand's first music conference and showcase festival launched in 2019, "Py" is well versed in Thailand's independent music scene, and his perspective on co-creation with the rest of the world, especially from the perspective of connecting with music communities and professionals in Southeast and East Asia.

Shanghai Music Culture and the Indie Market

Speaker:Lu Jialing(Luuv Label / CEO)

He presides over a select music label "Luuv Label" based in Shanghai. While working at a major foreign capital advertising agency, he also plans a festival inviting overseas artists from Japan, Taiwan, etc. as a band man himself, and in 2018, he has been booking Japanese artists such as Shintaro Sakamoto and PAELLAS for their tours in China. Based on the domestic music scene in China, this is a practical talk on the current state of the Chinese indie music scene and connecting the music culture in Japan and China.

The Story of Fukuoka's New Generation of Artists and Their Global Expansion

Speakers:Yohei Shibata (SPACE SHOWER) x Shogo Nomura (MADE IN HEPBURN / BOAT) x Ko Matsushima (arne Inc.)

The music of Fukuoka's new generation of artists has been making waves through streaming services such as Spotify and social networking services. ASIAN PICKS and SPACE SHOWER TV's co-production, ASIAN PICKS and SPACE SHOWER TV, will discuss the trend in Fukuoka's music scene and how it can be applied to the rest of the world. Portions of the documentary also premiered.

■Yohei Shibata (Space Shower Network Co., Ltd.) 

After working as a staff member for a record company promoting Western music, she joined Space Shower Network. He is currently in charge of supporting the overseas expansion of Space Shower Music artists and the licensing of Asian artists for release in Japan.

■Shogo Nomura (MADE IN HEPBURN / BOAT)

Born in 1984 in Fukuoka, Japan, he is the CEO and producer of C.I.T.Y., a music production company. CEO and producer of the music production "C.I.T.Y.", and also works as a director of "Love FM". In addition to being involved in the production of radio programs as the director of "Love FM", he is also active as a member of MADE IN HEPBURN / BOAT.

■Ko Matsushima (arne Inc.)

After leaving Spotify, he founded arne, a data analysis, digital promotion and marketing company specializing in music. He has worked on independent artist services and digital business support for record companies.