Terms of service

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Article 1 Newsletter registration
  1. You can become a newsletter subscriber by registering a user account on this site.

  2. The person who uses this service should register for the newsletter.

  3. If an individual under the age of 16 is to register as a user, please make sure to obtain the consent of the parent before registration.

  4. This site can reject or cancel the application if there is a newsletter registration from the user corresponding to the following items. In this case, this site has no obligation to disclose the reason for refusal/cancellation to the user.

    1. The registration application details of the user is the same as all or part of the registration information of other users.

    2. If the application details are false, omissions or erroneous.

    3. Users under the age of 16 do not have parental consent.

    4. In addition, if it is determined that it is inappropriate to approve the user registration application for a reasonable reason.

Article 2 Cancellation of newsletter registration

If a registrant wishes to unsubscribe from the newsletter, he/she will unsubscribe from the newsletter by submitting their email address on the unsubscribe form for that newsletter.

Article 3 Handling of personal information

The handling of personal information shall be handled appropriately based on the "Personal Information Protection Policy" and "Handling of Personal Information". In addition, this site uses the registrant's e-mail address only for the purpose of delivering the newsletter and contacting Asian Pix. If there is a request for disclosure from a public institution such as a court or police station, we will be able to disclose the information necessary to contact the user in accordance with these requests.

Article 4 Prohibited matters

Newsletter subscribers must not do any of the following:

  1. Register another person's email address without the consent of its owner.

  2. To register a large number of e-mail address that was illegally obtained or generated.
  3. By any means attempting to disrupt the distribution system used by the AsianPix side.

Article 5 Newsletter Disclaimer and Policy

The Asian Picks shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the registrant or any other person related to the registration/cancellation of the newsletter.

​Article 6 Revision of Terms

This agreement may be revised without notice, and the agreement at the time of using the service shall apply.

Supplementary provision

This newsletter registration agreement will be implemented from July 31, 2020.